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Over the years, we have partnered with Barnes & Noble BR for a children’s 'Reading is Fun' initiative, launched a literary networking platform to bridge the film, literary and journalism industries in Louisiana, also launched the first on-rail reading book club in New Mexico through a collaborative partnership with NM Rail Runner Express, and so much more. We work exclusively with brands that have an engaged following and historical track record to ensure the most influential information is shared. We desire to push the culture forward by putting the tools in the hands of the creators.


 Our services are Vision 2020 - a series featuring advice for authors from key influencers and industry experts. Black Prose - poetry platform led by the culture discussing all things related to black expression and thoughts. Upland Masterclass - an online learning platform sharing the knowledge of the publishing industry’s top-tier thinkers, pushers, and innovators to answer the question every author asks - "what next?"


Let's continue to push the culture forward. 

Camari K.

Marketing Curator

Black Prose


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Upland Avenue Productions


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Media Curator

Vision 2020


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