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Want to launch strong? Stand out in an overcrowded industry. Learn the strategies from a seasoned publicist on how public relations has been the stimulator to multiple Fortune 500 companies' growth.

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Learn how to overcome fear and push through setbacks on your road to launch. We've all been shaken by imposter syndrome before. Together, we'll help you align, attract, and achieve the next level of success for you.

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CEO at Upland Official.

The past two years have taken a lot out of us. Some women walked into 2020 with amazing plans for their future but ended 2021 more defeated than imaginable. As a book publisher, I know the importance of owning our narrative and carving our own niche in the world. I scoured my network for women that could lead, inspire, and light a fire under those who need it. A one-day personal training session with ninja warriors that could help you become everything you knew you could be.  We can all use mindset strategies to help us unlock our highest potential. Use this platform to absorb as much as you can and walk away with a strategy this month that can finally change EVERYTHING for you.


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"The images, the messages, and the senselessness that has uprooted the lives of many have us heartbroken. In light of all the current events that are affecting numerous families around the world, we have decided to postpone the 'Fragile Like a Bomb' conference. Women's History Month will still be celebrated but we want to stand in solidarity while the world figures out a resolution.

We thank every ticketholder, sponsor, and panelist that joined us in making this a historic month for women. We look forward to coming together in the near future when times are much better."

Team Upland

Our Hearts Are With Ukraine