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Upland Avenue
Excellence In Book Publishing​​ for Over 10 Years

If you're here, that means you are filled with curiosity about "what could be". Thank you for considering us as your publishing home. Our book projects are recognized worldwide for quality and craftsmanship. We started as a small boutique press for independent authors over 10 years ago and have helped many turn their dreams into tangible profit. Because of this success, we immediately were faced with a demand from authors who wanted more control over their work and to retain more profit. This led us to become the bespoke behind-the-scenes team, with the resources of traditional publishers, many needed. 

We are a proud member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) and adhere to their strict criteria for publishing professional-quality books. In essence, we are passionate about publishing books - it's in our roots.


Please note: It will generally take a minimum of 10-12 weeks to publish a book and we don't charge for the publishing process. We do require a bulk order of 100 copies of the book to aid in your promotion, giveaways, and personal sales.


Thanks for submitting!

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