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Every shelf has a story.

Every creator has a history. Bring yours to life with us.


Bespoke Anthology Coffee Table Book

Love Notes exists to speak life to a world that feels unseen, unheard, and unbelieved. Each year, we produce a physical coffee table book on the expressions of SELF-LOVE and you are invited to participate as a co-author! 

There is a purpose in your path. Share the journey, lessons, and blessings from the purpose of your path into an object of art and establish your title of author. Your literary contribution will be published among an elite few in physical and NFT forms. There is a split author royalty for each book sold. We encourage everyone to promote the book to their followers. The more hands this collectible coffee table book of love lands in, the more potential we have to reach someone in need of inspiration before it's too late.

The imprint release schedule is July. We aim to align the release aligned with the manner in which people live. 

​Author Copyright: The copyright will be registered under the name of the presenting imprint and it has 100% control of the content being published. The imprint is also responsible for preliminary production duties & costs including book cover design, interior design, layout, ISBN & Barcode, and digital platform distribution, and editing (initial, review, and proofreading). 

We offer each client our best-in-class marketing and publicity team, state-of-the-art content creation, and film studio.  The artisanship and craft behind our name are steeped in tradition and motivated by mastery. We also take pride in having the most rewarding royalty models in the industry - 60/40. A literary agent is not required for submission with us.

We publish large format, predominantly photographed or illustrated books. We believe in the power of books and the brand image of the author. ​

We seek to work with a wide range of voices and stories because we believe that it is the duty of publishing - to be inclusive and representative of as many diverse viewpoints as possible. Booksellers and libraries: please contact us to order:


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