Jada is a new butterfly who has just emerged into the world and finds it a very confusing place to be. She’s curious about her surroundings but isn’t sure where she is supposed to fit in and so she sets about exploring.


Banging her head on wood like the woodpecker just gives her a headache and crawling on the ground like a worm doesn’t work either. Hiding nuts for the winter, like the busy squirrel she encounters, isn’t what butterflies are meant for. So just what is she supposed to do?

The answer lies with other butterflies but where do they live and will Jada find any like her?


Jada’s Surprise is a delightful children’s picture book that follows an inquisitive butterfly in her search for meaning and carries an important message for children, that there is a place for us all in the world. It will make a relaxing and fun bedtime read and is certain to become a favorite for your child

Jada's Surprise

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  • Janice Lovato was born in Los Alamos New Mexico.  She grew up in Los Alamos with five siblings and graduated from Los Alamos High School. Janice is the only one that stayed to make a life in Los Alamos once she graduated. Now the mother of six works in Los Alamos while raising her children.  "Everything they do somehow gives me a story to write."

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