Because all who wander aren't lost. They're storytellers.


Upland Avenue Publishing is a hybrid luxury book publisher founded in 2012. We have become revered as one of the most important publishers of creative arts and cultural lifestyle books. Through the years we've cultivated relationships with the world's top creatives - helping them to publish sophisticated art books that represent the very best in design and quality through our imprint, GLOSS.


Art books, known to be illustrated books and photo books, have become integral to the world of luxury. With GLOSS, we understand the importance of honing distinctive graphic identity with every project. We know it must represent an authentic experience - full of "wish you were here...." moments. Leaving the consumer with a tangible instrument of luxury. 

When considering submitting your book proposal, please be aware that we only publish photo or illustrated books in the following areas: travel, cultural lifestyle, and children books. We NO LONGER publish works of fiction. A literary agent is not required for submission with us. For more information, please click the button below.  

Image by Brian Lundquist


We collaborate with influencers, public museums, performing arts organizations, film studios and children story writers to publish large format, books that are retail-ready. We take pride in having the most rewarding royalty models in the industry - 60/40 with favor to the author.

Our books are distributed to over 39,000 global retail partners—both online and brick-and-mortar. Your book and ebook will be available at retailers both large and small regardless of reading habit, device, or platform. Booksellers and libraries: to order from Upland Avenue Publishing, please contact us with your information and we'll make sure someone is in touch with you at


Upland Avenue Publishing began in 2012 to produce modern and creative works for unknown authors. The artisanship and craft behind our name is steeped in tradion and motivated by mastery. Over time, our stories have become beloved by many and the creatives behind it have seen a dream fulfilled.


Each book we publish pays homage to the time-honored craft of bookbinding and the process of creation: elite book binding, luxurious paper quality, and finally passion and attention to detail. This level of craftsmanship yields the highest quality books one should expect from a luxury book publisher.

"Upland Avenue has been committed to being a change-maker in the publishing industry by providing a mixed platform for authors who are serious about their craft and their brand. We've worked hard to grow the company and to have published some of the most loved books by creative artisans on the market."

- April Sheris, President

Image by Chris Benson