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Upland Avenue

Thank you for your consideration in submitting your live poetry. We strive to be a viable source for untapped talent to get exposure and recognition for their work. To enter the contest please complete the form below. There will be 30 final submissions that will be shared via our YouTube channel. This is a great opportunity to get more eyes on your talent and potential new followers of your craft. Each 'view' will be considered by judges at the end of the submission period. We will reach out to all submissions to inform them of the win/loss status. If you're not selected this year, we welcome you to submit again the following year.

Video Quality: While video and audio quality will be one factor in the judging process, the quality of the poem and performance themselves will be weighted much more heavily. That said, if possible, please use high-quality audio and video.

Mobile Filming Tip: If you’re filming this yourself on a smartphone, then try to do it somewhere that’s well-lit, and without background noise. Consider turning your phone horizontal while filming!

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

Your Submission isn't final until the $15 submission fee has been made. Hit the 'Go to Checkout' button below to finalize your submission. Make sure your payment email matches your submission email. Thank you and good luck!

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