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#MindOfAHustler Video Contest

Poetry is an art form. An art form that exists in many forms. We want to spotlight talent all around the world with their poetic expression while providing consumption for those that appreciate the art.

Balcony Portrait


Submit an original 3-minute in length video of yourself speaking your poetic work. You must own the complete transferable rights to the work submitted.

*Please be aware that any information regarding winners or where your work currently stands will not be replied to. We want to ensure the integrity of the contest, its participants, and the fans awaiting the announcement as much as possible. 

Eligibility & Prize

We make space for the top fan-approved videos to run on our social media channels and our streaming platform. The winner will receive a $300 honorarium, an interview about the creator viewable on our media outlets, and a publishing contract for their own book of poetry. 

[There is a $15 entry fee per submission. Multiple submissions may be entered but will incur separate entry fees.]

Must be 18 and older at the time of submission and all styles and topics of poetry are welcome with the exception of hate, racism, and discriminatory content.


Submit Here

Image by Gordon Cowie
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